Nelson Lakes National Park – Alpine Adventures and Serene Lakes

Welcome to the breathtaking Nelson Lakes National Park, a captivating alpine wilderness nestled in the northern reaches of New Zealand’s South Island. Known for its pristine lakes, rugged mountain peaks, and abundant native flora and fauna, this park offers a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility for your romantic honeymoon. In this blog post, we invite you to venture into the natural wonders of Nelson Lakes National Park, explore the serene lakeshores, embark on scenic hikes, and immerse yourselves in the beauty of this alpine paradise. Get ready to create unforgettable memories amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes and tranquil ambiance of Nelson Lakes National Park.

1. Blue Lake (Rotomairewhenua) – A Serene Jewel

Begin your journey in Nelson Lakes National Park by visiting the legendary Blue Lake, known as Rotomairewhenua in the Māori language. This pristine lake boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters, reflecting the surrounding mountains in perfect harmony. Take a leisurely stroll along the lakeshore, soak in the tranquility, and marvel at the breathtaking beauty of this serene jewel. Blue Lake offers an idyllic setting for a romantic picnic or simply to bask in the peaceful ambiance of nature.

2. Lake Rotoiti – Lakeside Bliss and Scenic Walks

Discover the enchanting Lake Rotoiti, another picturesque gem within Nelson Lakes National Park. Embrace the lakeside bliss as you explore the walking trails that wind along its shores. Immerse yourselves in the native beech forests, listen to the melodious birdsong, and breathe in the crisp alpine air. Lake Rotoiti is also a popular spot for water activities such as kayaking and boating, allowing you to experience the tranquil beauty from a different perspective.

3. Hiking in Nelson Lakes National Park – Traversing Alpine Trails

Nelson Lakes National Park is a haven for hikers, offering a variety of trails that cater to different skill levels. Embark on the renowned Travers-Sabine Circuit, a multi-day trek that takes you through awe-inspiring alpine landscapes, majestic mountain passes, and lush valleys. For a shorter but equally rewarding adventure, opt for day hikes such as the Lake Angelus Track or the Mount Robert Circuit. These trails offer breathtaking vistas, encounters with native wildlife, and a chance to connect with the untamed beauty of the park.

4. Native Flora and Fauna – Nature’s Marvels

As you explore the trails and lakeshores of Nelson Lakes National Park, keep an eye out for the park’s unique flora and fauna. Encounter the iconic native beech forests, vibrant alpine flowers, and delicate mosses that blanket the landscape. Keep your camera ready to capture sightings of native birds, including the mischievous kea, the enchanting tūī, and the elusive South Island robin. Nelson Lakes National Park is a sanctuary for biodiversity, offering you an opportunity to witness nature’s marvels up close.

5. Outdoor Activities – Embrace Adventure

Beyond hiking and exploring the serene lakes, Nelson Lakes National Park presents a range of outdoor activities for adventure enthusiasts. Set sail on Lake Rotoiti in a kayak, test your angling skills while trout fishing, or try your hand at fly-fishing in the park’s pristine rivers. During the winter months, the park transforms into a snowy wonderland, inviting you to enjoy cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the alpine wilderness. Embrace the spirit of adventure and immerse yourselves in the natural wonders that Nelson Lakes National Park has to offer.


Nelson Lakes National Park beckons you to embrace its alpine wonders and serenity, creating a honeymoon experience that blends adventure and tranquility. From the serene lakeshores of Blue Lake and Lake Rotoiti to the exhilarating hikes through majestic mountains, this alpine paradise offers a sanctuary for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Immerse yourselves in the awe-inspiring landscapes, breathe in the pure alpine air, and create lifelong memories of a romantic honeymoon amidst the natural wonders of Nelson Lakes National Park.

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